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Vulpes production’s only mission is to make films about your story. And why not with you!
Don’t hesitate! Jump into the escape and create your own good memories.
Find out more about our new movie project combining music, dance, love, humor and action:


Meet with a team that will make your dreams come true in picture. They can’t wait to meet you!
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1. Online casting 

We are looking for 170 people from a variety of cultures, starting from 15 years old, who can dance, sing and play music.
2. Submission of music to listen to or to view.
We consider all the project-related proposals

3. Partnership

We also welcome any proposal of project-related products

 You also may 

*Get acquainted with the team and future actors
*Visit the set during shootings
*Receive an exclusive invitation for the preview!

Please contact me if you have any question at all.

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