(when rnb joins sixties)

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According to various readers (professionals or amateurs) this original story takes you into a magical world mixing so many generations sometimes more than it should. It’s because, leading this little café close to Bordeaux’s shores, stands a quite surprising character.


Pépé, a very hip sixty-ish years old man, is very much into today’s musical hits along with his young costumers who come from disadvantaged neighborhoods and are passionate about dance and music. Having kept this complicity with a fragile and carefree youth, he became their friend, as a safe to be around confidant. Sensitive to their desires, he shares with them entertaining moments, as well as those of joy, anguish, to the point of engaging in dangerous situations, of helping them solve their problems, primarily not to have to face his own.


However, sooner or later, our past tends to catch up: Pépé’s showman and guitarist carrier- interrupted in full glory- becomes an increasingly present ghost, bringing up the recent decades’ musical developments to his memory. Alcohol and exhaustion adding up result in a rather unexpected turn out.


“At the heart of the world”, solidarity is there to compensate for PéPé’s hospitalization. The youngsters take over the place. They want to improve it, develop communication actions and funding, say: "in their own way." It is also where they will create their new beginning.


In writing this script, I meant to pay tribute to all fallen artists but also to bartenders who make their Café a magical place, where the youth of yesterday and today alike, enjoy hanging out in a friendly atmosphere. It is also a message I dedicate to all generations who are willing to reach out.


"At the heart of the World" is a story that will impact deeply all those who can identify themselves with it, from wherever they live.


I have left to hope that you will fall in love with Pépé and his friends’ adventures for a promising future together.


Gratefully yours,